Girls in Tech San Diego and Building Local Communities


September 17th, 2019

28 mins 38 secs

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About this Episode

For this episode we sit down with the Co-Founder of Ivy Street CoWork, the Managing Director of Girls in Tech San Diego, and an important member of our LEARN academy community, Lisa Rosenfelt.

Lisa is an expert in building local communities and has played a big part in establishing some really important groups here in San Diego. When LEARN academy first got started, we brought Lisa in to get our community off the ground. She was such an integral part in help LEARN academy get to where it is today.

In this episode, we dive into her background and how she and her husband moved to San Diego. She then moved on to founding her own start-up in San Diego. This led her to spending a year and a half as the Managing Director of StartupSD.

Lisa's work with Girls in Tech San Diego is helping women learn skills, and elevate themselves to enter technology and stay ther. Some women get discouraged because they don’t have role models, Girls in Tech San Diego helps provide them with a support group to flourish.

LEARN more about Lisa and her extensive community journey across so many different places in San Diego.