The Human Side of Tech


June 9th, 2020

56 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

As new developers enter the industry, it’s essential to learn from past mistakes. Treating people with respect is necessary, and breaking the “jerk programmer” mindset is an integral part of building a better future in tech. At the core, we are all human beings, and we must be bringing out the human side of developers.

For episode 12 of our podcast, we speak with April Wensel of Compassionate Coding. April has been a regular guest speaker in our classes, and we are delighted to talk to her on the podcast. From her first programming class in high school, through working at Sony, and starting her own company Compassionate Coding, we talk with April about how she created her path in the technology world.

Chelsea and April also dive into how April launched Compassionate Coding to help developers understand emotional intelligence, ethics, and compassion for other people. While we are nowhere near the change that needs to be made, it’s been rewarding for her to see the growth that has been taking place and the conversations that are happening.